Rockstar Auto guys are 10 star Rock Stars to me!!!
Eileen Copsey

Rockstar Auto guys are 10 star Rock Stars to me!!!

Well, I can't say enough about these guys at RockStar Auto! anyone looking for a good used car, and a great dealer who totally takes care of you - GO HERE!These guys, go above and beyond and give top notch 110, no, 120% customer service..... I first went to them in 2016 when I came home to So. Cal from Hawaii, where my husband and I lived for 10 years. I had done my homework, I had researched used cars, from all sources, both private party ads, and dealerships, even rent-a-car sale lots...craigslist, everything. THEN I CALLED ROCKSTAR. From that first call Gor really provided everything a buyer would ever need, want or dream of. From the beginning, he told me that they want to build relationships with people, not make a quick buck on a so-so car and never see that person again. He said he wants happy customers. And he, and his brothers there, totally lived up to that motto from the beginning, to the end of our deal, when I bought my great 2003 Highlander, with under 120,00 miles, nothing for a Toyota! Just a Baby!!! I thought i was shopping for a 4 door sedan, and knew what I was going to see there before I even got there, and that there were like 5 or 6 in my price range, because he had taken the time to tell me what he had on the lot, and ended up to be not only my favorite, and I went to check them out. I did test drives, and they were all good, all contenders, but in talking with Gor, he said he had one other car to show me that maybe I would like, because he had a feeling about the car for me after finding out that I'm actually a camping/outdoorsey kind of girl with a big extended family and showed me the highlander. I didn't even know yet that I needed it, but.... I fell in LOVE with that car. I recently was involved in an accident, and the insurance company "totaled" it, even though it wasn't that bad, but was an older car and they said it's just too expensive to repair with todays parts prices....anyway, I'm going back to Rockstar for my 2nd new used car. I called the other day, out of the blue, and Gor answered. He remembered me right away! I will be going into look, and also to see my FRIENDS at Rockstar, cuz that's what we are now. Friends, not dealer and sucker , I mean buyer!!!! They are the BEST !!! See you guys soon, Gor, Harry and Moosh, Your friend, with great camping stories to share, Eileen C.

Another Happy Customer!
Alexis B.

Another Happy Customer!

I bought a 2010 toyota prius with 89k miles on it from Rockstar Auto Group. Gor was absolutely wonderful, and made the car buying experience a wonderful and positive one. He is honest, trustworthy, and extremely patient. If you want to buy a used car, you can't find a better seller than Gor at Rockstar Auto Group. I was really impressed by him in many ways and he made sure I was confident and happy in every way. He went way above and beyond what I expected and if anyone I know needs a car, I will highly recommend purchasing one from him!

I 1000% recommend Rockstar Auto.
Tiffany L.

I 1000% recommend Rockstar Auto.

I recently had someone run through a stop sign and total my car. In looking for a new one in a pinch, I came across Rockstar Auto Group originally for an Infiniti. Gor was going to give me steal on the vehicle, but just due to the short timing and my personal finances- it just wasn't time for a luxury vehicle purchse. Over that weekend I went to about 7 other dealerships for more economical options. I was extremely uncomfortable with the sales tactics of all of them. The cars were decent for their price ranges, but I just could not get myself to do business with people who felt more like vultures than humans. After a very agonizing 3 days of this, my gut just said to stick with Rockstar Auto Group. I called back Gor, and he instantly met me on a Sunday evening and was so ridiculously helpful. He showed me around to the other options he had on the lot and I ended up settling with a 2010 Toyota Prius with 61,000 miles. He was very quick and honest with all of his business. There are also just a few minor (electrical not mechanical) fopas with the vehicle that I discovered, and in letting him know, he is having me come back to have that fixed. Gor and his brother are honest and just great humans who are not there to pressure you into getting something outside your means, and stand by the vehicles and their reputations. For that, I salute them ten fold. It is hard to find such genuine people in this world anymore. Honestly, my partner and I will continue to go to them for all of our mechanic, detail, and car buying needs. If you are really looking for a genuine buying experience, I 1000% recommend Rockstar Auto.

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